We always strive to make your experience with Black Fret as seamless and enjoyable as possible. As a true grassroots organization we have not always had the resources or budget to bring our vision to reality in the way we have wanted. That said, we are about to take a huge step forward. Black Fret is consolidating the Member Community Portal and is launching a new Membership Management system.  This will be used in the upcoming renewal season and will allow for future improvements to Black Fret systems to make getting tickets to events, ordering new t-shirts or merchandise and streamlining communication to you all a reality. As part of this change, the way you log in to our Community Portal and your login credentials may change.  If you have any issues, please reach out to austinmember@blackfret.org for assistance.

How are usernames and passwords changing?
In the past, all members had a username and password to the Community Portal (https://community.blackfret.org). During 2019, some new members (but not members who signed up before launching this new Member system in spring of 2019) created separate login accounts inside a new Membership Management system (https://austin.blackfret.org). 

Going forward, the systems will be consolidated so that only one username and password is required.  And, all users will use https://community.blackfret.org to access all of their Black Fret related sites. When the consolidation is activated, you may need to reset your password. This is explained in this document.

Did you join Black Fret before Spring of 2019?
You will need to create a new password. Your Membership Management account has been created for you.  You need to establish a new password the first time you login.  Follow both sets of instructions:  
  • Step 1) Create your password
  • Step 2) Log in to the new, consolidated Community Portal  
Did you join after Spring of 2019?
Then you just need to log in. Your existing username and password for the Membership Management system will be used for both systems moving forward.  Follow only the instructions for Step 2 in the instructions if you need additional help.